Web Design Trends For 2018

04 Dec

The year 2017 is almost over, and new trends for different industries are about to emerge for the following year. Same is true for the web development industry in different countries like Singapore.

Currently, a lot is being said about what a web design company should look forward to in 2018. Most of them are hinting that saying that a website’s mobile functionality could be fully utilized in the coming year.

But what trends should web designers expect in 2018?

First, web design experts should see the increase in the use of shadows and depth. Shadows have been a regular fixture in web designs for several years already. But since there are a lot of new variations in the layout nowadays, designers can now create more shadows with better depth using the new grids and parallax options. This will slowly lessen the flat design trend that became popular in the past.

2018 will also be the year for the emergence of exciting, saturated colour schemes. In the past, most web development company in Singapore tends to lean towards using web-safe colours in their designs. But a lot of designers nowadays are starting to use bolder colours in their projects. This include using vibrant shades and supersaturation topped with headers that are no longer confined to horizontal angles.

Also, the more highly-skilled artists can come up with better illustrations that comes with more personality that could match their clients’ brand tone. This means that illustrations can be used to help the website stand out against the competitors online.

The use of bigger and bolder typography will also become a trend in 2018. Since device resolutions are starting to get strident and easier to read, it can be assumed that web designers will start using more custom fonts. The use of complementary sans serif and serif headings are also expected to help designers come up with dynamic parallels, bring an advance UX, as well as engaging visitors to continue reading the website.

There will also be an emergence of asymmetrical and broken grid layouts next year, after this option was introduced in 2017. This is beneficial for clients who require their web designers to come up with out-of-the-box results.

Since browser technology continues to improve over the years, a lot of websites nowadays are now using animations to attract visitors more frequently. Using moving graphics can entertain readers while the page is loading, which is why more websites are expected to use it liberally in 2018.

Also, the reign of flat design trends using different shades of colours are expected to decrease in the coming year since the use of gradients it is expected to become a trend. This web design option was already existing in the past, but designers find more functions for gradients this time.

Most importantly, the year 2018 is expected to produce more mobile-friendly web designs. Web developers now have a solution that could minimize the site’s menu for smaller screens, and the UX issues are now resolved. 

These emerging trends are expected to shape the web development industry in 2018, but more options could come out as the year unfolds.  

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