Tips to Ensure Smooth Working Relationships with Recruitment Agencies

27 Feb

Every company wishes to save time and money. Hiring a recruitment agency gives you that. Recruitment agencies make your life a lot easier by helping you find qualified candidates, without you being on the guard, round the clock. You need not check on the team as often as that’s what they do best.

This is all the more beneficial for smaller companies that do not have their own human resources department just yet. Chances are you’re hiring new applicants by doing the work yourself. If you have more important things to do that you can’t entrust to anyone, then you might as well delegate those that can be done by other professionals.  Such is the case with hiring employees.

Although it’s true that you need to a certain amount to the recruitment agencies so they help you with services that you need, the upside is that you’re making the most out of that payment. Remember that time is your most important resource. It can’t be taken back and every minute counts for any business.

If you need a new employee in a very short time, this will be very difficult if you are relying on your team alone. Each employee also has their own tasks they need to complete. Make hiring easier for everyone in your team by letting a recruitment agency Singapore take over the job. Remember that hiring the wrong person can be even costlier. You’re already spending time and money training a new hire. You need to make sure everything turns out well for everyone.

Here are more tips to ensure smooth working relationships with a Singapore recruitment agency.

Look into services offered

There are staffing agencies that can assist companies across industries. They can offer recruiting assistance even for specialist jobs or those that require specific skill set. You don’t want to hurry your choices when it comes to hiring new people. You may want to speak with the staffing agency about the positions they’ve helped fill.

Know what you need

Singapore recruitment agencies will only be able to help you more effectively if you will also help them out. This doesn’t mean you need to be coordination with them 24/7, rather you need to be clear with what you need. Before even reaching to recruiters, list down what you need in an employee, along with timetable you’re looking into. You want the recruiters understand culture in your company better. This will help the staffing company narrow down their search. They will be able to find applicants that suit your requirements best.

Finally, keep lines of communication open

You don’t have to direct the recruitment agency all the time but they also need your help keeping them updated. If there are any changes to requirements you’ll be needing, see to it to advise the recruitment team right away. Make sure to provide them feedback each time they forward an applicant to you. If a new hire doesn’t perform well, don’t take it against the recruitment agency right away.  Take note of your experience so you can decide better whether to continue working with the team or not.

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