Owning a Property in Singapore

12 Oct

Most Asian countries are often mistaken as “provincial” and has “old ways of living”, however, these misconceptions are now proven wrong by Asian countries with leading technologies and amazing economic potential. Some of these economic tigers are Japan, Singapore, and Korea. Therefore living in one of these countries would really become a good opportunity especially to those who are wanting significant changes in their lives.

Let us talk about the good things on why transferring to Singapore is a good decision. This country is considered as the business center hub of Asia.  Thanks to the country’s amazing education system and consistently high quality of life, Singapore managed to retain its position as the world’s second-most competitive economy in 2015 and was awarded with this recognition for five straight years. It’s only behind Switzerland in terms of technological adoption, business sophistication and innovation, but did especially well in terms of goods, labour and financial market efficiency. The city is modern and quite small. Although it is modern there is a mix of old and new, including a lot of traditional culture. There’s Chinese, Malaysia, Indian and an eclectic mix of other cultures.

In this country, getting a job leads to very quick approval for residency, perhaps within a couple of days. If you decide to open your own business—which takes less than a day—and employ yourself in it, it might cost you a couple of thousands of dollars to do all the paperwork to get an employment permit; less than that will get all your corporate and regulatory filing done each year. You can easily look for and buy landed properties in cities and different districts, as well.

The demand for properties in Singapore are high and rents are not cheap. However, new properties, such as condominiums, are currently being built to satisfy the increasing demand by those who have decided to spend their life in Singapore. There are also locals who sell their properties and buy new ones in a different area. Most tourists and other foreigners were glad about the country’s real estate arrangements. The upsides of life in the country’s central areas possess very good public transportation links as well as close proximity to the Central Business District and to most of the city’s international schools.

Having these, it shows that aside from looking a career, the top priority after establishing your own income is buying a property in Singapore. It can be considered as a good investment for people who want to settle since the value of properties in this country is continuously increasing because of the demands. Being wise in a fast-paced environment with reputable and hardworking people is a must. If possible, consistent procurement or residential and landed properties should be a clear goal for everyone. These will secure your future in a rich country in the heart of Asia. Buying and selling of properties, given the time and resources, can be explored aside from getting a sustainable job in this country full of dreams and goals.

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