Important Tips Every Belly Dance Class Student Should Know

24 Sep

Are you interested in joining belly dance classes in Singapore? Worried that you will not be able to perform well in your class? Remember that you don’t have to be a professional or skilled dancer before you can apply for belly dancing lessons. All you need is that passion to learn more about belly dancing.

Your belly dance teacher will take care of the rest. It’s also important that you have fun and not just focus on perfecting steps. Take it easy on yourself and keep in mind that this is no competition. Other students in the class, like you, are also looking to learn and may not have attended any form of dancing classes before.

Let’s talk about tips how you can enjoy the belly dance experience.

1.  Stay in the moment.

Focus on the dance during your class. Refrain from welcoming other thoughts so you can absorb more from your instructor. Breathe in and out. Pay attention to the movement of your feet, belly, and pelvis.

Forget about your other concerns for the meantime. You’ll want to make the most of the time you have to relax. Feel your feet on the ground and watch how your teacher stays in the moment. Avoid putting pressure on your lips or jaw so you can breathe normally.

If you are too conscious with your way of dancing, chances are this will also interfere with your breathing. It’s normal to struggle a little on your first days. With more practice, you’ll get better. Just let the energy flow because belly dancing itself requires that you radiate energy.

2.  Relax and stay calm.

Don’t feel too tensed seeing how well others perform or pick up steps so fast. Focus on yourself because as we’ve shared, this should not be deemed a competition.

Remember that you attended the belly dance class Singapore for yourself. You’re not there to prove you’re better than the others. If you’re not enjoying, you are missing the point in joining the class. Let your body move with the music.

The more you dance with your heart and mind, the better you’ll feel. So let go of any tension as chances are other students are just as nervous as you are the first time they step on the studio. Don’t take it too hard on yourself if you’re finding it hard to follow. You can always ask your teacher for advice. That’s exactly the reason they’re there. 

3.  Make friends.

Even introverts need friends. Take the time to meet new people during your belly dance class in Singapore. You don’t have to feel pressured about making them one of your closest friends.

Take a little effort striking a little conversation. Who knows, you may have other similar interests apart from belly dancing. Don’t isolate yourself in the class. After all, you also will not have to share more than what you feel comfortable sharing. 

Finally, always, always focus on better things. Think about improvements you can do outside of the belly dance Singapore class. Say you can study about proper posture when you have free time or download music you can dance with at home.  Practice positive self-talk and you’re sure to have fun.

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