How Headhunters Can Help You

09 Dec

As more and more graduates waiting to land their first job keep clogging the once natural flow of the dynamic job market year after year around the world, not even people with enough experience find it easy to automatically spot the right company for them—that has the best salary, compensation, incentives, and benefits and promises professional growth. And truth be told, graduating from the best universities and having a polished resume can’t guarantee you a job you once dreamt of.
“That’s why you need help from headhunters, recruitment agencies, or executive search firms,” shared Neil who once worked for a headhunter in Singapore before he settled in California last year. “An agency can help you match your skills and experience and even desired salary and position because they have in their active files some of the best companies for you.”

There are more advantages to having a recruitment agency than you may think and expect. “You will be in a smaller select pool when you work with a Recruiter. If you match the qualifications of a job the recruiter is working on, you are automatically in a smaller pool of candidates, therefore raising your chances of being the chosen one vs. being 1 of 200 resumes. Headhunters are involved in about half of all senior-level job changes, according to a study by the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruitment. Your recruiter will likely know the human resources manager or hiring manager directly, so instead of being another faceless resume in a stack of eager applicants, let the recruiter do the leg work for you and become your cheerleader. Recruiters only get paid when you get hired. A recruiter’s number one goal is to get you hired and until that happens they will do their best to educate you, prepare you, and coach you through all aspects of the interview and hiring process.  A headhunter’s services are free to job seekers, and the placement fees are paid to the recruiter by the company who hires you,” as the article titled The Benefits of Using a Recruiter shared.
But what exactly is a recruitment agency? “Recruitment agencies look for suitable candidates for vacant positions with one or more companies. Based on a job description they search for suitable candidates through their website, network, job fairs, job sites and social media. When a recruiter has found a potential candidate then he/she will screen the resume, motivation letter and other relevant information about the candidate. If there is a potential match between the candidate’s profile and the job description, the recruiter will plan an interview to discuss the skills and needs of the candidate. If this interview is successful, the candidate can be invited to an interview with the client. Meanwhile the recruiter is carefully monitoring the application process. If the client considers the candidate appropriate for the vacant position, he or she may get the job,” as the article The benefits of using recruitment agencies for your job search for the site explained.

Cassandra, an ESL and EFL teacher, found her dream job when bravely trusted some of the top headhunters in Singapore, “I just arrived in Singapore then, fresh out of college, and I didn’t have much friends nor did I have any lead where to apply. It was nice that my flatmates suggested that I go through some headhunters to make my application speedy. And true enough, in less than a month, I am already hired by this school downtown.” Cassandra further shared that she first considered contract recruitment agencies but she was already hired even before she tried. “I know it can be more secure to be under contract because if I don’t want to stay in the company, I can just opt not to renew, but then life had other plans for me. But I would have seriously considered that if the opportunity came earlier.”

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