Enrich your Child’s Chinese language

29 Nov

Raising your children to achieve their full potential starts in the early years. This is the time they aquire their core values and their interests in several subjects that will affect their career in the future. Start them young, as they say. Once your children start to speak and communicate, it is better to talk to them like an adult rather than just like how a baby speaks. In this way they can imitate full sentences easily. If you speak Mandarin, you talk to them in Mandarin so that they can learn the basics. In order to continue and enhance their education, enrol them in a Chinese enrichment class in Singapore that can continuously hone your children’s ability to communicate freely. Look for Mandarin classes for children that teaches them using various learning techniques designed for and are compatible with your children’s age.

For toddlers, the best way to catch and maintain their attention in class is learning through children’s rhymes and songs, reading interactive stories and learning the basic strokes of Chinese characters. The goal here is to teach them while they are still enjoying and playing with their toys. Once they know the basics, they can now communicate easily and quickly. For families living in Singapore, it is an edge for children if they attend Chinese enrichment schools. There are schools that offer Chinese classes for primary and secondary students. Their syllabus offers a wide array of teaching and learning techniques for grade school up to teenagers.

In primary school, children now learn without the toys and songs. At these stage, teachers help their students read through the textbooks. It is better to choose schools with fewer students so that the children can interact easily with their teachers. It is easier for them to interact in class and easier for them to ask questions and seek help from their teachers. Being in a class with small group ensures that your children can be taught personally. Their teachers can focus on every child and adjust their technique depending on that child’s capability. At this age the children can learn Chinese easily because teaching is individualized and personal.

In secondary school, new challenges for your child arise. The struggles of a teenager at school is huge. With all the new changes in their bodies and their environment. At this point in time, learning becomes more advance and teaching them is also a big challenge. This time they should learn to deal with oral examinations, comprehensive tests and creative writing. Mastering these skills will help them go through college easier and eventually through their chosen careers. Equipped with the basic and advanced knowledge, they can communicate easier and can express themselves better.

Language is very important for all of us. Learning the basic dialect in a country helps children communicate better assisting them to express themselves and their feelings without restrictions. As they grow, teaching them more and elevating their knowledge of the Chinese language can help them handle paper works and oral examinations at school. Having a good foundation will give your children the advantage over their classmates in school and over their co-workers at work once they begin to apply for a job.

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