Different Places Calls For Different Contents of First Aid Kit

07 Jun

Everywhere we go we are exposed to some kind of sickness. The best way to combat this sickness is to protect ourselves, eat healthy food and exercise. Our body is filled with cells that can protect us from diseases, but these are not enough to protect us. We have to help our body fight these diseases. We also have to prevent injuries from getting worse. The best way also to respond to injuries is having first aid kit at our home or anywhere. There are first aid kits that can come in handy.

First aid kits sometimes vary depending on the place. It has different contents, whether it is at home or school or workplace.

In factories, big manufacturing companies and other commercial industries, a first aid kit is the number one kit that they must have. Although some big factories and manufacturing companies may have their resident nurses, they must still have a complete kit for the initial treatment.

Big factories must be able to protect their employees from any hazardous materials.  Aside from having personal protective equipment, in case of injury or accident first aid kits must be present. In big factories and manufacturing industries, they must have a pole stretcher, eyewash station and a clinic to for initial treatment. This pole stretcher will help carry the injured employee. Depending on the gravity of the injury, the company nurse may apply initial treatment but when it is too serious they will have to call for an ambulance or the go to the nearest hospital.  An eyewash station or shower station is a place where workers flush away hazardous substance that they may have.  This is the number one requirement for manufacturing industries that are most likely exposed to hazardous materials.

In schools, there are some who may also have school nurses, but they likewise have kits but differ from that of a factory. Only the basic first aid kit is also present for initial treatment to injuries of the students.  For a school, the basic contents of the first aid kits are bandages which may be indifferent size, triangular bandage, gauze, pain reliever medicines, and thermometer. At present thermometers no longer may be placed on the mouth armpit of the patient. There are now non-contact thermometers, where you can just place it on the ear then in just two seconds the results are in.

For a basic personal first aid kit, its contents are; safety pins, pain reliever tablets, antiseptic cream, gauze, bandage, antihistamine, thermometer and cough medicines. In Asian countries the basic personal first aid kit also includes face masks. Face masks may be surgical or non-surgical. Surgical face masks are worn by doctors to protect patients from their mouth-borne germs and not the other way around. Asia is prone to airborne diseases that are why most Asian countries wear masks to protect themselves from acquiring airborne diseases. Most airborne diseases have originated in some parts of Asia.

First aid kits come in different sizes, and have different contents depending on where it is situated. It is better to be prepared.

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