Basics Dress Codes for Corporate Environments

23 Sep

In Singapore, fashion can meet passion in the workplace. As one of the busiest urban centres in the planet, Singapore is home to the most active corporate offices and districts not just in Asia but the world. And while its sets high standards of corporate standards and culture, it never fails to adopt to global clothing trends.

Of course, clothing is basic element of image and is perhaps the single most important factor in communicating personality and appeal. In the corporate world, work dresses reflect office culture. They are often part of company branding thus outfits are set to standards that would communicate its values and contribute to establishing or maintaining its public persona.   

For an individual, work dresses are substantial in creating necessary impressions while allowing practical functions such as mobility and comfort.  Whether looking for a job, selling a product, forging partnerships or simply doing routine presentation, our choice of dress is almost half the job done. Although work wardrobe is generally dependent on occasion, climate and culture, there are basic considerations in choosing appropriate work dress.

For those trying to secure jobs, it is easier to err on the side of excess. For interviewers, formal wardrobe is always more impressive that casual business attire. Work dresses that command respect for the interviewers and the company is a must. Not dressing professionally could be taken as an insult or offense. For regular office days, professional clothing and conservative work dress design, especially for women, is generally regarded as favourable and impressive.

Generally too, work dresses must be clean, pressed and well-fitted and accessories must complement clothing rather than distract from it. Facial and body piercings must also be removed or hidden and hair must be clean and conservative in colour and style to complement professional grooming aura. Clean and polished black or dark shoes are also perfect match for.

For workingwomen, the basic criteria are even more tedious. As a fundamental rule, less is more. Simple but classy dress like suit, blouses, skirts or slacks are always safe choices for different corporate dress codes. Traditionally, skirts should be knee-length or just slightly longer or shorter. For blouses or sweaters transparent, tight fitting or those with low necklines or revealing waistlines are distracting and are therefore considered taboo in a professional work environment. Typically, blouses must also cover the arms at least up to the biceps regardless of temperature and work environment. Plain-styled, neutral coloured, non-patterned hose are suitable for more formal occasions. Closed, flat shoes or low pumps in conservative colours also preferable since they are decorous and provide more flexibility and agility. Since women accessorize more than men, it is proper to remember that earrings, necklaces, rings and fragrances must be kept to a minimum and must not be too loud.

To assure best fit of work dresses especially for business occasions, it is best to have tailored-fit clothes. There are already a number of on-line custom dress makers and retail suppliers even in Singapore. These on-line boutiques, mostly for women’s clothing, provide speed and hassle-free wait time of traditional tailor shops and even provides necessary repairs for your expensive work dresses.

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