Adapting a Healthier Lifestyle for the Chinese New Year Ahead

29 Jan

During the holiday season, countless people from all walks of life took some time off from work so that they can spend quality time with their loved ones because this gives them the big break that they need in order to recharge their proverbial batteries and find motivation to push forward in their respective careers once again. But after drinking copious amounts of alcohol like a thirsty sailor on shore leave, eating different kinds of comfort food to their heart’s content as well as staying up all night long to party until the break of dawn with their friends in the hottest bars and clubs in town, a lot of people are dangerously pushing their mind and body over the edge. And this Chinese New Year, they should include in their list of resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle because they need to mend the folly of their ways or else they will surely suffer from grievous afflictions and different types of ailments when they grow older.

Therefore, it goes without saying that instead of wolfing down unhealthy snacks and fast food items like chocolate candy bars, salty potato chips, greasy cheeseburgers and Chinese take-outs loaded with preservatives, sodium and bad cholesterol, they should eat organic dried fruits from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. This can certainly help them get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that they need so that they can abate and ward off the ravaging signs of ageing like atrophied muscles, weakened immune systems, brittle bones as well as other health issues that prevent them from having a great time. After all, there is no sense in having gobs of cash in their wallets if they are too sick and under the weather to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones.

Aside from going to the farmers market and buying fresh fruits and vegetables as well as organic chia seeds so that they can prepare and eat healthier meals in the kitchen, there are other ways for people to take care of their bodies properly so that they can enjoy a long and blessed life. First and foremost, to complement the healthy diet that they will follow strictly for the Chinese New Year ahead, they should also adapt an active lifestyle because this will most certainly help them burn the excess calories and extra fat that they carry around in their bodies each and every day. They can enrol in the local gym so that they can target problem areas like their sagging bellies, bulging arms and flabby thighs with the help of professional instructors who are more than willing to lend them a helping hand and words of encouragement.

And as for those who think that lifting weights and pumping iron in the gym is too dull, boring and repetitive, they can engage in different kinds of sports like driving strong to the hoop like Russell Westbrook, scoring aces on the tennis court like Roger Federer and swimming laps in the pool like Michael Phelps. And at the end of the day, when they finally get back home from the office or from their workout, they should get enough hours of sleep at night so that they can greet the Chinese New Year with a lot of energy and strength left in their core.

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